How to get colors from a color map

I want to document this so I'll never forget it. This is my workaround for getting colors from a tiff file with a colormap. I'm working with NASS data and the tiff file has RGB values in the attribute table. Every time I try to apply the color settings to a grid I made (from this tiff !!!) using Import on the Symbology tab, it gives the message or error "Cannot apply settings from Colormap renderer to Unique Values renderer". Oye ! This was killing me. Searches on the ESRI forums gave me no help at all though I'm sure countless others have had this problem. I once created an entire lyr file color by color by jotting down all the RGB or HSV values (not sure which I used). But that was for a relatively small group of colors and values.

Anyway Here is what I did. This worked fine.
1. Open the attribute table of the tif to see the RGB values in the table and export the table to dbf.
2. Right click the grid you want to add the colors to and select joins and relates -> join.
3. Select Value in box 1, browse to the dbf you created in step one for box 2, and select Value in box 3. Click Ok.
4. Export the result (I exported to tiff format and grid and it works either way) by right-clicking and selecting Data->Export Data.

This was all done using ArcMap 9.3.1. I haven't tested this with version 10 yet.