I just posted a note to the ESRI Web Team that their documentation on the old 9.3 product (I'm still using 9.3.1) had an error. Lets see if they update it. I've been using MakeTableView_management in Python which is necessary for doing a join (long story; see below) and is also apparently handy for renaming fields which is another purpose that I have for the tool. The documentation in the software and online is incorrect with respect to the field_info argument. The script example says ...

gp.maketableview "nf_roads", "TCH", "[ROAD_CLASS] = 'TCH'", "LEVEL ROAD_CODE VISIBLE, NAME NAME HIDDEN"

and the field_info argument is the last part in double quotes with two pieces separated by commas. However commas do NOT work. Semicolons DO work. Thankfully something else similar works the same way so it occurred to me to try semicolons.

I just wanted to post a bookmark here to remind me in case I run into this again. They might update the website but I doubt I'll see any change to the documentation in the software. I really should be using version 10 by now.

Oh yeah ... the reason why you need to use MakeTableView_management before doing a join is that AddJoin_management doesn't work with a table or feature class (what ?). It needs to be a Layer or a Raster ! This is why you get the following error (which is very misleading by the way; why should I get an error saying I should be using a raster with a tool that is made for running on a feature class).

ERROR 000840: The value is not a Raster Layer