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Shaping Cape Cod

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

Winds and wave refraction give the area around Provincetown a distinctive hook shape.

Watching the Rivers Flow on Greenland

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

A summer field campaign examines the hydrology of the water streaming across the top of the ice sheet.

Signs of Katrina Linger in the Marshes

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

Ten years after the storm made landfall, a record of Katrina’s fury remains in the marshes surrounding Delacroix.

Mad River Complex, California

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

After burning for almost a month, this wildfire complex in northwest California was 65 percent contained.

Typhoons Goni and Atsani

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

Two typhoons spun over the western North Pacific near Japan.

Sea Level Rise Hits Home at NASA

Earth Observer - Sun, 2015-08-30 18:44

Sea level rise is not just an academic concern for NASA satellites and scientists. With two-thirds of its infrastructure and assets situated on the coast, the agency has first-hand experience with the effects of rising waters.

DesignSense Signs Up CADREBEL.COM as its GeoTools-CADPower distributor in the US

GIS Cafe' - Sat, 2015-08-29 04:58
    August 26th, 2015: Bangalore-India & San Clementa, CA-USA - DesignSense Software Technologies today officially …

FAA releases B4UFLY App Beta Test For Drone Users

James Fee's Blog - Sat, 2015-08-29 00:38

Well what could go wrong?

The B4UFLY app, aimed primarily at model aircraft enthusiasts, is designed to give users information about restrictions or requirements in effect at their current or planned flight location. The FAA expects the beta test will yield valuable data on how well B4UFLY functions, as well as uncovering any software bugs.

So first, it’s a private beta so you probably aren’t invited.  You can email if you want to give it a shot and ask to be in the private beta.  Second, the app looks simple but I suspect the rules are going to be complex and thus the app will be less than easy to use.  Still if you want to fly your drone, this could be the start of something good.  Tomorrows, my birthday, feel free to buy me one.

B4UFLY App on iPhone

Autodesk Reports Second Quarter Financial Results

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 13:44
Strong Billings and Deferred Revenue Growth SAN RAFAEL, Calif. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — August 27, 2015 — Autodesk, …

AUVSI, CEA: Drone Restrictions Would Hurt Californians, Innovation

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 13:43
ARLINGTON, Va. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — August 27, 2015 — The following statement is attributed to Brian Wynne, president and …

Autodesk Signs Agreement to Acquire SeeControl

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 13:43
Acquisition Adds Enterprise Internet of Things Cloud Service to Autodesk Portfolio SAN FRANCISCO — (BUSINESS WIRE) — …

USGS evaluates Sigma Space’s Single Photon LiDAR as a key technology for its 3D Digital Elevation Program

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 13:42
Sigma Space technology may enable first high-resolution 3D map of the Unites States and the Planet LANHAM, Md. — (BUSINESS WIRE) — …

Personalized Storm Tracking by Google

James Fee's Blog - Fri, 2015-08-28 12:42

If there is one thing that gets the GeoMarketers excited, it is natural disasters.  Every year at this time we see hurricane trackers, 3D storm viewers and other “exciting” products to help protect us from the wrath of mother nature.  This year Google is promoting their Personalized Storm Tracker.

The safety recommendations you receive will be tailored to reflect the current status of the event and your context. For example, if you search for a specific storm when it’s still several days away, you may see a map of the developing weather event and a recommendation to start preparing an emergency kit. If the storm is only hours away from your location, you might receive a reminder to start charging your phone in case power goes out. And if you search when the storm is nearby, you’ll get the most urgent information, like how to avoid injury from fast-moving water or flying debris.

I feel like these things are more trouble than they are worth.  Last Sunday I was at Sky Harbor Airport when a dust storm alert went off on all the iPhones in the baggage claim area.  The whole place sounded loud as the alerts went off warning us that wind and dust were headed our way.  The result of this great warning, people making jokes.  Sure an alert was issued, sure it probably is a safety thing that we all get these alerts on our phones.  But the delivery isn’t personalized, it’s a broadcast message and then 10 minutes of people joking about the alerts.

At least in the USA, storms don’t sneak up on anyone.  These products are great press but of little value.


GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 07:12
Huntsville, AL – AirGon LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of GeoCue Group Inc., has been granted a section 333 exemption by the Federal Aviation …

Trimble Introduces New High-Speed Data Communications Link for Industrial Applications

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 06:59
High-Speed, Wireless Data Link Provides High Level of Performance SUNNYVALE, Calif., Aug. 27, 2015—Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) introduced today the …

GISCI Announces New Exam; Exam Signup Nears

GIS Cafe' - Fri, 2015-08-28 06:50
The new GISCI Geospatial Core Technical Knowledge Exam® for the GISP Certification is coming!  Des Plaines, IL (August 27, 2015) …
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