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Osprey Cam

Since I posted the link to the Bald Eagle Cam, I thought I'd go ahead and post the Osprey Cam since its more local. This is at the Chesapeake Biological Laboratory (CBL) in Solomon's Island, Calvert County, Maryland. CBL is a sister campus to the Appalachian Laboratory where I work. Along with the Horn Point Laboratory in Cambridge, Dorchester County, we form the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Donna and I saw 2 Ospreys at Piney Reservoir just yesterday afternoon (Monday 4/3) Check out the Ospreys.

Osprey Cam

Good Ol' George Hall

Wow what a tribute I got from talking to my ol' buddy George today. I forgot all about that photo of me that you took (a while back; gee ... I think I looked slimmer back then). I had to respond in kind. Sorry I don't have a photo of you George. Here's George's Blog.

George is into his web stuff. I told him all about my Drupal sites and if I get the chance, I'll try and get him to implement it on his site (you should at least install it and give it a shot). Its good to see your GIS career taking off George and to know that you got your start working with the folks at NRAC.

Bald Eagle Cam

Not one of these that updates every 2 or 3 minutes but a real live streaming video cam. Its fun wathcing this eagle at the nest (though one does tend to get a little bored after awhile). I'm waiting to see an exchange between the adults.
Bald Eagle Cam

They moved ... but I updated the link. They posted an article telling what happened to the Hornby Island Eagles. The eggs were infertile and didn't hatch when they were supposeed to. more on this ...

My Home Page gets a counter

I put a counter on my Home Page. But its not just any counter ... its a map of where people are from when they visit. I got it from Clustrmaps.com.
My page is in dire need of a facelift. I've bought a book on CSS and XHTML so as I read through it, hopefully I can make some improvements.

Uncle Ed dies at 81

My Uncle passed away recently 3/21/06. I always enjoyed going to his house in Richmond for Thanksgiving (something we used to do quite regularly). My cousin Betsy's husband (Herbie) wrote the obituary and it touches on Ed's true essence (see attached). My prayers are with his immediate family.

More on Andrea and the Gift of Life

These 2 pieces appeared in the Cumberland Times-News today 3/15/06. The first is a letter to the Editor written by the Gattens family and the 2nd was in the "Opinion" section in response. The Obituary was posted here at my blog site awhile back.

Miles inducted to Rock Hall of Fame

NPR does it again with another great story ! Lots of talk about Miles' Rock influences and his work with John McLaughlin. Read or listen here

'Failure' no loser at box office

'Failure' no loser at box office - Read full story for latest details. [CNN Top Stories]

Ok ... this wasn't a bad movie either. I got dragged to see it but I kind of enjoyed it. It had some comedy and pretty decent drama. I wouldn't say that the plot wasn't full of holes but its not the kind of movie where that sort of thing matters. Donna enjoyed it I'm sure. There is one problem. Waaaaaay too much footage of Terry Bradshaw's butt ! Nuff said !

Firewall Movie good entertainment

I read some bad reviews of the new Harrison Ford Movie so I thought I'd tell you my opinion. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Its an action movie and to counter the critic's assertion, I had not "seen it before". It isn't Patriot Games and it isn't the Fugitive. Its an action movie. Get over it. And to counter the stupid idea that "for someone who lives in Seattle, he forgets his umbrella a lot". Sheesh ... if you had all that going on, I bet you'd forget your umbrella too. Two thumbs up for this action-packed adventure. I heard Leo LaPorte & Steve Gibson talking about it on the "Security Now" podcast. Steve gave it a good review too (even if it wasn't really about a firewall or very technically accurate).

Brokeback to the Future

I first heard about this on NPR's Story of the Day podcast. They list a series of the "better" ones that are out there.

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