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The Tree

We had a tree that was leaning towards the shed in our yard. We were waiting to get some help to pull a rope around it so we could ensure that it didn't fall towards the shed when we cut it down with the new chain saw that we just bought a couple of weeks ago. The tree didn't wait. On a sunny calm day (Monday 4/24) it fell on the shed. We should have taken some pictures but didn't really think about it until we were half-way through cutting it up into peices. FUN FUN FUN !

The shed isn't terribly messed up. The fascia around the edge of the roof is a little bent and the shingles at one spot look a little ruffled but the plywood and the studs are all intact so I guess it'll be ok.

Perl script for making a web page from a folder full of images (Part II)


This version works with an installation of command-line Image-Magick on a Windows system. I realize this is a little bit limiting and I should be doing the copying and mogrifying in Perl instead of through the "system". This one (like the first version) is to be run in a folder with a bunch of JPEG images. It is an improvement over the first version (img2htmlv.pl) because it creates a copy of each image and turns it into a thumbnail. The thumbnail is what is displayed on the page but the link points to the full-sized image. To run it just type the name of the script and it will interactively prompt you for some answers (same as with img2htmlv.pl).


This script and both of the img2html*.pl scripts use cutoff values for sizing the thumbnail. To run it just type the name of the script and it will make the thumbnail images and size them according to the cutoff values.

Perl script for making a web page from a folder full of images

I've been thinking about this one a lot lately (I wrote it a couple of weeks ago). Tonight I fixed it so that it creates valid XHTML (as tested by http://validator.w3.org/).

If you write a lot of pages with an identical layout, It could be tweaked to suit your needs.

What it does:
It essentially creates a page with a table full of images.

You run the program (e.g. prompt:\>img2htmlv.pl)
in a folder that has a group of images in it. Then it asks a series of questions ...
1. Enter an html file name (use an "htm" or "html" extension)
2. Enter the number of images per row
3. Enter a Cell Border Size (hit "Enter" for none)
4. Enter a Title
5. Enter a Major Heading
6. Enter a Minor Heading
7. Add a Link (y/n) ?
#7 enters a loop that runs until you type "n" or "N"

Select Oracle

Find out what those CSS selectors actually do. If you are confused by a set of selectors that you've found in some sample CSS file. Copy and paste it into this web tool and it will explain it to you.


Rollovers done with CSS

This doesn't appear to take the place of having entire images in the anchor (which would draw over the background image). Doing that may still require javascript. But this works if you just have text in the anchor and want to swap “background” images.

ProjectSeven tutorial

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

This sounds like a good idea. It may foster more Open Source GIS software because of the organization and legal support offered by a foundation. It sounds like there may be opportunities to offer spatial data as an open source resource as well.

OSGEO Article from govtech.net

Why are commercials so loud ?

Anyone know why Fox 5 (and maybe other channels) has such a variety of volumes. Watch the news or a show like Prison Break and you have to turn the volume up a bit to hear the storys or the whispers of characters on a TV show. Then bam ... the commercials come on and the neighbors might consider calling the cops to have you slapped with a noise violation. Don't they know this is annoying ? Maybe they are being payed by Tivo so you'll be tempted to get DVR service and start fast forward-ing through all that useless nonsense !

More on CSS (templates)

Eric showed me the Open Source Web Design site for free CSS layouts. The book I'm reading mentions the following sites:
Some basic designs ...
Mostly info ...
position is everything
These next two give you tools to make your own css
inknoise.com layoutomatic
csscreator.com ... actually the link in the book didn't work but I found this one on the main site
I'll be checking these out further. I especia

Good article on Regular Expressions

I've been trying to learn Perl by writing my own script to convert all my old HTML to XHTML. I came across this nice article that summarizes how to use regex very nicely !

Regex Article by Chris Spruck.

Choosing a Color

Choosing a Color

The book I'm currently reading ... "Integrated HTML and CSS" by Virginia DeBolt recommends these sources for choosing colors.

This one is pretty good. It has lots of choices.
Web Whirlers

Information and some text color samples.
Developer Zone

Good information here ...

It looks like we are selling software here but there is a useful looking web tool too.
Color Schemer Online

The one I really really like (thanks to Eric for pointing this out to me) hasn't been up lately but hopefully will be again soon. By artist, Chris Aldredge ...
Steel Dolphin Color Selector

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