Missing VB Editor in ArcGIS 9.3 installations

Let me start by saying that I am not putting blame on ESRI for this. Its probably mostly my fault. I use automated or silent installations whenever I install ArcGIS and that is how I got tripped up. I noticed that whenever I installed the latest version of ArcGIS (version 9.3), ArcMap did not show the Macros and VBA Editor. Apparently the line
\\Desktop\Desktop\setup.msi -qn ... didn't also run the file at \\Desktop\Desktop\VBA\1033\VBAOF11I.msi. Probably setup.exe takes care of that but running the msi did not. I simply added it to my batch file and got it to work.

ArcGIS Service Pack 5

The new service Pack is here. It came out right around the same time as the beta for 9.3 so I'm guessing this will be the last one before the new release. I didn't see much in the way of new features in the service pack but I'm sure I'll go ahead and install it. Maybe I'll do my machines before doing the entire computer lab.

More info here

Google Maps (a little bit scary)

Awesome. Fear no evil.

ArcGIS 9.3 next month ?

I'm gathering that the Beta version of ArcGIS 9.3 will be out in mid to late March, 2008 because it is supposed to be coincident with the Developer's conference. I learned this while reading about the JavaScript and REST APIs on the ESRI blog.

Coolest Google Earth data ever !!!

Its a very well researched Mountain top Removal location database with links back to the website that created it Its listed on their media page.
Get the KMZ file here.

Hey ESRI ... why can't you fix this ?

Take a quick look at the photo. It probably looks familiar to ESRI ArcGIS software users. Does the file exist or doesn't it. I found it by browsing to it with your software and yet your software doesn't think it exists. Why can't someone fix this annoying frustrating problem.
screen shot

Comparison of this years California fires

I saw this on the ArcGIS Explorer Blog. Its the 2003 Fires Compared with this years fires in California.

Earth as Art

Hey ... I just added this cool Earth as Art gadget. You can add it to your
google page or add to a website. No further description is necessary !

Appalachian Lab on Wikimapia

I just added the Appalachian Laboratory (where I work) to a cool service called WikiMapia. It is best described as a mashup of wikipedia and google maps. It looks just like google maps but it allows anyone to add a location to the map by drawing a square on the map and then marking up what the area represents.

Mapserver 5.0.0

Here is news of the Mapserver-5 release found at Mapserver-5.0.0 released

I looked at a beta of this because I had some problems using underscore characters in the text field of a shapefile. That problem appeared to be fixed using the 5.0 beta. See the bug fix ticket.

I don't know if I will upgrade right away because while testing this, some of my code stopped working and I don't currently have the time to fix all of that right now.

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