Browser Support Chart

I found this chart on the Yahoo Developer Network. It shows the level of support (the acrobatics developers go through +/- or not) for various common browsers. The Graded Browser Support link is worth reading before looking at the chart.

Browser Support Chart

Positioning that works with IE

My new website is causing me so many problems. I see more reasons every day why Drupal is so cool (and why IE sucks). I can't wait to install Drupal in my hosting space.

I had some weird bug in a line of code in ALL of my main pages (they are all clones) that was causing a fatal error in IE. I thought I had tested it with IE ... Oh well. I also found places where javascript code that used document.write (document.lastmodified) had actually written those values (permanently) into the document. I don't quite understand that one yet.

While testing, I realized my strategy for positioning my two main content divs (left and news) weren't working correctly in IE. I had a rule in the left div (describes the site)

position: absolute; left: 0; right: 190px;

Jigzone - online jigsaw puzzles

Donna has been playing these for awhile now. Occasionally she sends me one. I did one with a little white dog, and I just did one that was fireworks for the 4th of July. The code to do this must be something else. It appears to be javascript ?

Batch Project Just Doesn't Work

According to the Technical Article ESRI fixed this awhile ago.
Technical Article

But it just isn't true! I've got scads of layers in an Albers Projection that I want to project to Geographic Coordinates (NAD 27) to match some existing Data that I'm using in MyWorld (GIS) The image esri_batch_project.jpg shows that the Transformation is not available. The other image (my_batch_project) is my temporary workaround for projecting multiple layers in ArcGIS 9.1. This used to be easy with Coverages and prj files !!!

Ringmania 2 Game

Classed as “Tetrispawn” by the folks at I can see some Tetris-like qualities. A fun diversion.

Ringmania 2

Site Name Change

I've been trying to come up with a good name for my blog which is a conglomeration of all kinds of topics that are of interest to me. I thought the title was a perfect fit. Its part of an expression my Dad often uses. I used to think he was saying “For all intensive purposes”. Coming Soon !!!

I've been thinking about doing this for some time now. I finally broke down and paid for some server space through I don't have much content there yet but I've set up two domains. The first will be my personal website The second is This should be fun. Its a linux host so I plan to try my hand with some Perl and CGI programming. I've been playing around with Perl for a few months now (perhaps almost 1 year ?).

Opening a Command Prompt from Explorer

This article explains how to Open a Command Prompt from Explorer. The article is from It looks like there might be some other cool stuff from this site too. It'll wind up on my

Cool Computer Poem

Leo Laporte recited a short snippet of this poem during the Security Now podcast the other day. Its called “A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer”. Its written by a guy named Gene Ziegler and apparently its been stolen and used on various websites and has also been e-mailed around over and over again and is typically credited to “anonymous”. The official link to the poem is here ...

David's Magic Square de-bunked

David's Magic Square
This thing appears to read your mind. Its pretty amazing. How can the computer be reading my mind ? Don't read the answer below before giving the link above a try.

How does he do it ?

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