a hard lesson to learn

This is a lesson I thought I had learned ! I was in a bit of a rush to burn some CD's and get data onto 20 laptops for a GIS teaching workshop. The CD included an installer that uses "Install Anywhere" to install the program "My World GIS 4.0", and some of our data. I had tested the CD by installing it on a computer in our computer lab but the software was already installed on the travelling lab (on the laptops) so I didn't want or need to install it again. This system allows us to package our data with the My World application by having a zip file named "" in the same filespace as the installer.

But then some of the data changed and I didn't update the zip file at first. I started copying the data onto the laptops and I opened some of the projects to test them out. I realized I had the old version of the data so I had to create a new zip file (and heres where I messed up).

Perl script for making a web page from a folder full of images (Part III) Navigable Site with CSS

Ok ... I've given it a bit more work and created a new script “” that uses an installation of imagemagick on a windows system to make thumbnail copies of every image and create a series of web pages (one fore each image) with a navigation bar running from top to bottom on the left side of the page for moving from page to page. It uses css to mark up all pages.

You can see an example of the results of this on my nephew Owen's photo page. I created this using this perl script.

The images you start with should probably be a reasonable size because the full-sized images are what are displayed in the main body of the page (and if they are too large it may crowd out other parts of the page). The main overhead in doing this is writing a heading and description of each image.

IE7 and ArcGIS not compatible

I installed IE7 Beta the other night because I was anxious to see how some of my web pages looked. The CSS in my pages doesn't work quite as I'd like but that is in no way the worst of it.

I was planning to do some light geoprocessing this morning (I had a couple of shapefiles to merge together). I started ArcMap and went to the merge tool and clicked on it. As the hourglass started pouring sand, I thought "hmmm this is taking longer than it should" and then ArcMap crashed. So I tried a bunch of other tools, same problem. I had installed an extension the other day so I unregistered it thinking that was the problem. I even uninstalled and re-installed the desktop product before I finally gave up.

Then tonight, I found this ESRI Technical Article on the subject.

Tables vs. CSS part II

Awhile back I posted about my Professional Page and how it was difficult to make it look right using all CSS positioning. Well I completely removed all the tables. See ... My Professional Page.
It still doesn't look completely right using Internet Explorer. I viewed it using IE7 and the relevant courses section doesn't line up properly. However It looks great in Opera and Firefox.

You can compare it with the tables version and I think you'll agree that the new one looks best. I also have an intermediate version that just keeps a small set of nested tables at the very top (they were the most difficult to remove).

Fun Flash Game

Swinging like Spiderman. How far can you go. I saw this on today.

Flash Game Pendulumeca This guy has a few others too. Other Flash Games by Yarukinoki but most of them weren't as cool. The Space Game was decent. Pendulumeca was by far the best !

Sea Kayaking can be dangerous

I found this while looking at Google videos. I had to watch it once or twice before I saw that there was a guy there who disappears for a couple of seconds. I don't think he gets crushed but simply got pulled down by the splash.

Sea Kayaking

Star Lords

Star Lords a Mash-up. Pretty Cool. That Yoda is a great DJ ! Very Creative.

WV 3-meter DEMs

As a result of the statewide addressing and mapping board (SAMB) project ... 1/9 arc second NED data ! Its Incredible. Proof that WV is a leader when it comes to GIS.

WV 3-meter DEMs

I made a 3-D flythrough video

This video is kind of big ~62MB
For Big Displays
For Smaller Displays

You may find it easier to Download the Video

A list of CSS Properties

Heres a list of CSS properties.

CSS Properties Table

The site looks to have a lot of good stuff too.

The table above came from the “DHTML/Style Sheets” section.

Tables vs. CSS

I've been trying to see if I can change some of my more complicated table-based designs into CSS. One that's pretty tricky is what I call my “Professional” page. I can't see how else I can make the lines in both columns line up when one side can be longer than the other (or not depending on how the window is sized and other factors). If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them.

Anyway ... I spotted a pretty good article on the subject here. It didn't help me solve the dilemma but maybe I can feel ok about leaving the page as is.

An Objective Look at Table Based vs. CSS Based Design

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