Downloading from the National Map

Here is a link for directions for downloading data from the National Map.

I'm not used to this yet. I liked the old system with the handy dandy X/Y tool and entering the coordinates. When you go to the link above and scroll down to 9.6 it lists a method for using coordinates.

Use the following procedures to enter coordinate extents to create a custom reference area polygon to download data:

Enter a coordinate value into the Search box, such as 32.5, -98.25 in decimal degrees.
Zoom to the coordinate value.
Select Draw Annotation from the More menu in the Search Results.
Enter a new layer name (such as Extent) for the first point.
Define annotation name of the first point, such as Pt1.
Change the fill color to a more recognizable color other than white if you want.
Click on Draw.
Repeat Steps 1-3 and 6-7 to enter additional coordinate values, but also follow Steps 9-10 for each new point instead of Steps 4-5.
Specify the same existing layer (Extent) for each new point.
Define unique names, such as Pt2, Pt3, and Pt4, for annotation name of each point.
Review point locations in User Added Content under the Overlays table of contents.
Use the Zoom In Box tool in the Standard toolbar in the upper middle of the map display to drag a box that includes all drawn points.
Select the Download Data tool.
Click on current map extent to open a USGS Available Data dialog box.
Select themes and formats for download, and click on Next.
Choose specific products under each theme, and click on Next.
Click on Checkout after review of selected items in the Cart.
Enter e-mail address twice and click on Place Order.