Excel Column Chart Weirdness and Workaround

Ok If I really wanted control over my graphs, I'd be using "R" (but I haven't installed it yet). Instead I'm using Excel 2007 at work today and I'm trying to make a column chart with labels on the X axis. The values on the X axis are numeric. The problem is if I create the chart just using the y data, it doesn't know what x is so it just numbers them 1 through n. If I select both columns it treats them both as data. Even formatting the cells as text didn't work. Typing the numeric values in as alphanumeric (i.e. one, two, three, four etc.) works !

The workaround is to select both columns, make a scatter plot instead, and then change the chart type to column. This seems really stupid to have to jump through these hoops, so if you know a better way, leave a comment. The better way for me is (even though I'm not currently doing any statistics) to install R.