My First TUgis

I attended the TUgis Conference at Towson State University this past Tuesday March 19th. I have thought about attending for a number of years now. I guess the stars aligned with this being a less expensive 1-day event, me having extra time during the week, and just a really strong desire to see what all the other GIS Professionals are doing these days. I was really impressed with the conference.

I attended a great paper session with presentations from JMT Technology Group, ESRI, Accella, Pictometry and I may be forgetting a few others. KCI Technologies and Johnson Mirmiran and Thompson (JMT) were platinum sponsors.

I attended an excellent workshop on using the Open Source Quantum GIS (QGIS) software where we did some geoprocessing and accessed layers in an online PostGIS database. It was run by some folks at Salisbury State University including Dr. Lembo.

I also sat in on another workshop that involved using Mapbox and Open Streetmap. It was entertaining and informative as well. I'll probably start using OSM as a hobby and QGIS in a more professional capacity. Very Exciting !!