NLCD 2006 to GRID

This has bitten me twice now so I figured I should write about it to help me remember. It involves the error “ERROR 010240: Could not save raster dataset to”. I got this error everytime I tried to save a GRID from the NLCD 2006 img file. I found the following link that explained a lot.

I'm still struggling with this so I may edit this post later if/when I discover more about it but the link will let you know that its not just you.

In Case they take this page down, here are the steps

USGS, creator of the NLCD data, provides the following workaround.

1. In ArcMap
A) Add the NLCD raster and zoom to the area of interest.
B) Export the area of interest to GRID with the following settings.
• Extent: Data Frame (Current)
• Spatial Reference: Raster Dataset (Original)
C) Rename the file name and select a desired output file format, for example GRID.
D) Click Save. Ignore the message: "Failed to Save Raster Dataset."
E) Click OK.

2. In ArcCatalog
A) Navigate to ArcToolbox > Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Properties.
B) Run the Build Raster Attribute Table tool.
C) Load the grid file as the Input Raster.
D) Check the Overwrite box.
E) Click OK.

3. In ArcToolbox
A) Navigate to Data Management Tools > Joins.
B) Run the Join Field tool with the following settings.
• Input Table: grid file
• Input Join Field: value
• Join table: source NLCD image
• Output Join Field: value
• Join Fields: Check - Red, Green, Blue, Opacity, and Land cover.

An alternative solution is to use Clip tool.

In ArcToolbox
A) Navigate to Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Processing.
B) Run the Clip tool.
C) Load the NLCD IMG file as the Input Raster.
D) Set the Output Extent as the mask shapefile.
E) Check "Use Input Feature for Clipping Geometry"
F) Specify the Output Raster Dataset
G) Click OK