How to access a misplaced ArcMap Window

Today I accidentally moved a Command Prompt window so far up and out of the way of my main ArcMap application window that I couldn't grab it and bring it back. Very nice (not). It took me awhile to figure out how to get it back. I added some comments and changed the GetDockableWindow function to the one I needed.

I found the answer here.

I never needed to even visit the link that he references but its here in case you want to see it.

' Very frustrating but it is possible to move an ArcMap window outside of your usable Windows desktop area
' Here is a VBA script to get a misplaced window back into the application space
' make sure the GetDockableWindow function below identifies the window that you want to retrieve

Sub DockIt()
   Dim pDWM As IDockableWindowManager
   Set pDWM = Application
   Dim pDWin As IDockableWindow
   'Delete back to the "." next to arcid and find the control you need
   Set pDWin = pDWM.GetDockableWindow(ArcID.CommandLine)
   pDWin.Dock esriDockLeft
End Sub