ArcGIS 10 is coming in June 2010

I've been trying to skim through all the new information about there about the upcoming release of ArcGIS in June. There are a bunch of new concepts and new features. There is a new thing called the default geoDatabase, more windows are dockable now, editing is enhanced, and lots of simple (say boring) things like that. They have built in a map book feature. You can export map books to pdf.

There are data-driven Pages (w/ customizable dynamic text). This allows you to make a series of maps that can be structured to iterate through a layer's features as the basis for each map. This feature will is customizable using python.

The full power of Python can be used inside of ArcMap. You could then use Python as your command line and scripting environments.

File-> Save a Copy still available to allow you to share maps with users of older versions of ArcMap but there are these new "Map Packages". These are a single file containing an MXD and the data it references (for portability). This can be used for backing up projects. Some entire map packages will be available online via ArcGIS Online. You can also use ArcGIS Online to share with other users in private groups.

New features:
ArcCatalog now has its own tab in ArcMap.
New ways to use Python (map book features like adding layers, exporting image or export to pdf, move layer, update layer).
Faster Display and improved navigation.
Geoprocessing now runs in the background.
Better search capabilities for finding data, symbols, and basemaps.
New "basemaps" are a complete group of layers that can be added all at the same time.

VB.NET and C# can be used for development but VB6 will no longer work.

See for more information.