First night of class

Tonight starts the GIS 101 class again. I always like the beginning of the semester when fresh minds are exposed (often for the first time) to GIS. Hopefully I won't begin to burn them out until the very end of the semester at the earliest. We are just going over the very basics of the software tonight (zooming and panning, the magnifier view (does anyone really use that ?), basics of layers and symbology). Later in the semester we will do some simple selections, more advanced symbology (quantiles), tabular joins etc. Then even later we will try some editing, and geocoding. Then near the very end we start in on spatial operations like clip, union, intersect etc. and then I'll have them do a project. Hopefully some of the students will take to this. There are usually 1 or 2 in every class that really seem to get it. Wish me luck.