IE7 and ArcGIS not compatible

I installed IE7 Beta the other night because I was anxious to see how some of my web pages looked. The CSS in my pages doesn't work quite as I'd like but that is in no way the worst of it.

I was planning to do some light geoprocessing this morning (I had a couple of shapefiles to merge together). I started ArcMap and went to the merge tool and clicked on it. As the hourglass started pouring sand, I thought "hmmm this is taking longer than it should" and then ArcMap crashed. So I tried a bunch of other tools, same problem. I had installed an extension the other day so I unregistered it thinking that was the problem. I even uninstalled and re-installed the desktop product before I finally gave up.

Then tonight, I found this ESRI Technical Article on the subject. I don't know who to blame. ESRI and Microsoft are both easy targets but I suppose its more fun to blame microsoft. After all, ArcGIS was working fine until I installed IE7 ! Ha ! And it would be very nice if they made it work according to the standards !