Perl script for making a web page from a folder full of images (Part III) Navigable Site with CSS

Ok ... I've given it a bit more work and created a new script “” that uses an installation of imagemagick on a windows system to make thumbnail copies of every image and create a series of web pages (one fore each image) with a navigation bar running from top to bottom on the left side of the page for moving from page to page. It uses css to mark up all pages.

You can see an example of the results of this on my nephew Owen's photo page. I created this using this perl script.

The images you start with should probably be a reasonable size because the full-sized images are what are displayed in the main body of the page (and if they are too large it may crowd out other parts of the page). The main overhead in doing this is writing a heading and description of each image. This is done ahead of time using a text file with some headers to identify the different sections (see attached owenpics.txt).

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