a hard lesson to learn

This is a lesson I thought I had learned ! I was in a bit of a rush to burn some CD's and get data onto 20 laptops for a GIS teaching workshop. The CD included an installer that uses "Install Anywhere" to install the program "My World GIS 4.0", and some of our data. I had tested the CD by installing it on a computer in our computer lab but the software was already installed on the travelling lab (on the laptops) so I didn't want or need to install it again. This system allows us to package our data with the My World application by having a zip file named "InstallData.zip" in the same filespace as the installer.

But then some of the data changed and I didn't update the zip file at first. I started copying the data onto the laptops and I opened some of the projects to test them out. I realized I had the old version of the data so I had to create a new zip file (and heres where I messed up). I recreated the zip file I needed and trusted myself to get everything I needed in the archive. I didn't take the time to test the new CD. Always test the CD !!!