Positioning that works with IE

My new website is causing me so many problems. I see more reasons every day why Drupal is so cool (and why IE sucks). I can't wait to install Drupal in my hosting space.

I had some weird bug in a line of code in ALL of my main pages (they are all clones) that was causing a fatal error in IE. I thought I had tested it with IE ... Oh well. I also found places where javascript code that used document.write (document.lastmodified) had actually written those values (permanently) into the document. I don't quite understand that one yet.

While testing, I realized my strategy for positioning my two main content divs (left and news) weren't working correctly in IE. I had a rule in the left div (describes the site)

position: absolute; left: 0; right: 190px;

and another in the news div (main content)
position: relative;

Well this looked fine in Firefox and Opera but both divs overlapped in good old IE. So I used a float for the left div and that fixed the problem using the 2 rules shown below.

float: left;
clear: both;

I suppose one good thing came out of it. As a result of the site being broken, I convinced my wife to install Firefox on her laptop.