When Symmetrical Difference Is No Different

I don't understand why this doesn't work in ArcMap. Here are my inputs. both are in the same coordinate system (click to enlarge).

The input feature (the park buffer) is the violet colored area and the stewardship features are the tan colored areas. I'd expect the symmetrical difference to be the part of the violet-colored area that is visible underneath the stewardship areas.

Yet this is the result (which is the same as the buffer). This is very frustrating and I think it is a bug. I sure hope 9.2 works the way it should.

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symmetrical_difference01.jpg261.87 KB
symmetrical_difference02.jpg95.06 KB

Did you firgure this one out?

How did you resolve this problem? Did you conduct a double erase on both of the features? I just attempted the same thing on my computer and it turned out fine. If you want e-mail me the data and I'll give it a test run to see.

Did I figure this out.

Sorry I just now checked my non-approved comments. I never did resolve this. I think I did some creative clipping instead. Its not an operation I have to use very often but I'll be suspicious of it from now on.

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