Single Use License (ArcView) and License Server (ArcInfo) on one computer

I recently discovered that it is possible to have a Single-Use License for ArcView 9.2 installed on a computer with a Concurrent-Use installation of ArcInfo 9.2. This allows users with a laptop to use the ArcView level of the ArcGIS software at home without the hassle of connecting to a license server through a VPN. Start with a complete installation of ArcGIS 9.2 and then proceed with these instructions.

1. At Run Prompt, type "regedit".
3. Right-click inside the window on the right and go to New -- String Value.
4. Name the new Key "SingleUse_Installed" and make the value "Viewer". Close Registry Editor.
5. Open Desktop Administrator from Start -- All Programs -- ArcGIS -- Desktop Administrator
6. In the window on the left, select "Register Single Use and Extensions" and click the "Register Now" button.
7. Fill out the form with your name, company, etc.
8. Then use the license codes (for Single Use ArcView) to register the product.

From this point on, whenever you need to switch products, simply run the Desktop Administrator (step 5 above) and select "Software Product" from the window on the left and select "ArcInfo (Floating)" for more functionality while at work or "ArcView (Single Use)" while at home.

This was gleaned from the following Technical Article from ESRI that was passed on to me as a result of a tech support query regarding whether it was possible to do this or not.
Technical Article from ESRI Support