ArcGIS Silent Uninstall

Here is a note for future reference to the next major ArcGIS release. I won't need this until I have to uninstall 9.2 to install the next latest and greatest but I thought these notes on a silent uninstall would come in handy when that time comes.

When is a map not a map ?

A general rule of thumb about maps that I've always tried to adhere to is that a map should always have a North Arrow and a Scale Bar. The ESRI Mapping Center blog has a good point to make about small scale maps (continent-sized or so +/-) being unable to accurately show north in a single direction. The graticule is a better way to depict these types of maps.

Read The Article from

ArcGIS Explorer - First Impressions

Ok ... so as of June 1st, 2007 ESRI has released ArcGIS Explorer to the public (see the news release). You can download it from ESRI if you have a free ESRI Global Account. So far I'm not very impressed ... mostly because it is very very slooooooooow to respond. This is probably because I'm running off of the ESRI server as my "Home Server". I look for this to improve and hopefully that will pan out. Even though ESRI says that it isn't what they are trying to do with this product ... it sure does look a lot like Google Earth.

ArcGIS and Vista

Lots of Windows users are looking forward to using Windows Vista (and some are already using it). Someday ArcGIS will be supported on Windows Vista ... but for now its not ! This ESRI Technical Paper explains more.

ArcGIS 9.2 Service Pack 2 (now available)

ArcGIS 9.2 SP 2 from ESRI is now available. There are separate downloads for ArcSDE 9.2 and ArcIMS 9.2.
A list of issues that are reportedly fixed by this service pack is available ... SP 2 issues fixed

Which NAD_1983_To_WGS_1984 to use ?

I often wonder which Geographic Transformation to use when going from NAD 1983 to WGS 1984 and when I'm faced with it I usually forget. Perhaps this blog post will be something I can refer back to when I need to. Apparrently after choosing one of the main three, it doesn't matter very much. The main three are _1 (for all of NA including Caribbean), _4 and, _5 for the lower 48. Perhaps its best to use 5 unless the area in question is outside the lower 48 (in which case you would use _1) as EPSG says that _5 supersedes _4.

Its so much easier to go from NAD 27 to NAD 83 as NADCON (the obvious choice for Americans) is just easier to remember !

See the ESRI Technical Article o

Single Use License (ArcView) and License Server (ArcInfo) on one computer

I recently discovered that it is possible to have a Single-Use License for ArcView 9.2 installed on a computer with a Concurrent-Use installation of ArcInfo 9.2. This allows users with a laptop to use the ArcView level of the ArcGIS software at home without the hassle of connecting to a license server through a VPN. Start with a complete installation of ArcGIS 9.2 and then proceed with these instructions.

1. At Run Prompt, type "regedit".
3. Right-click inside the window on the right and go to New -- String Value.
4. Name the new Key "SingleUse_Installed" and make the value "Viewer". Close Registry Editor.
5. Open Desktop Administrator from Start -- All Programs -- ArcGIS -- Desktop Administrator

Story: GPS Devices Lead to Suspects' Home

Funny story about burglars of GPS equipment. Know what you are stealing !

GPS Devices Lead to Suspects' Home

Learning MapServer (UMN's Map Server cgi program)

I've been wanting to try the UMN's MapServer product. All the information about this great product is on the UMN MapServer website. Earlier this week I downloaded an installer for MapServer for Windows and installed it on my work computer. The installer is called ms4w and it installed everything I needed to get started with no problem including Apache, MapServer, GDAL, OGR. I downloaded the MapServer Demo application to look at.

Its been fun to work with and I hope to get something cool going eventually. For now my test application can be viewed at the very short list of

When Symmetrical Difference Is No Different

I don't understand why this doesn't work in ArcMap. Here are my inputs. both are in the same coordinate system (click to enlarge).

The input feature (the park buffer) is the violet colored area and the stewardship features are the tan colored areas. I'd expect the symmetrical difference to be the part of the violet-colored area that is visible underneath the stewardship areas.

Yet this is the result (which is the same as the buffer). This is very frustrating and I think it is a bug. I sure hope 9.2 works the way it should.

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