Pasting Features from one layer to another in ArcMap

I'm sure most everyone knows how to do this but being old school (ArcInfo) I still get a kick out of some of the editing features in the newer (9.3) software. I really should be trying out version 10 but I might be overwhelmed.

I get a kick out of the ability to paste features from one layer to another. I've been digitizing a lot lately for a project. Here is how it works. In an edit session, clear all selections, then select the features you want to copy (in the from layer). Set target layer to the one you want to paste into. Open the from layer's attribute table and go to Edit - Copy. Then open the to layer's attribute table and go to Edit - Paste.

I guess I'm easily amused but I just think its cool that it works. The from layer doesn't even need to be in the edit workspace. It is definitely one of the many things ESRI gets right.