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ESRI Conference 2011

I'm excited to say that I'll be attending the ESRI User's Conference again this year (my 3rd ever). I'm presenting on Tuesday afternoon. The presentation is on research I'm doing with Dr. Brosi at Frostburg State University with Black Cohosh and American Bugbane (two plants that grow in the Central Appalachians). We have been looking at factors that affect flowering and we are also doing a risk of discovery evaluation (e.g. vulnerability to harvest).

Earth as Art

Hey ... I just added this cool Earth as Art gadget. You can add it to your
google page or add to a website. No further description is necessary !

So Now What ?

Here's what I've decided to do. Since I now have my own Drupal-powered blog, I will blog about family, fun, web etc on For All Intents & Purposes and blog here on For Many Intents & Purposes about GIS, computing, programming, web development etc. I think thats where my following is for this site anyway.

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