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ArcGIS 9.3 next month ?

I'm gathering that the Beta version of ArcGIS 9.3 will be out in mid to late March, 2008 because it is supposed to be coincident with the Developer's conference. I learned this while reading about the JavaScript and REST APIs on the ESRI blog.

Coolest Google Earth data ever !!!

Its a very well researched Mountain top Removal location database with links back to the website that created it Its listed on their media page.
Get the KMZ file here.

Hey ESRI ... why can't you fix this ?

Take a quick look at the photo. It probably looks familiar to ESRI ArcGIS software users. Does the file exist or doesn't it. I found it by browsing to it with your software and yet your software doesn't think it exists. Why can't someone fix this annoying frustrating problem.
screen shot

Comparison of this years California fires

I saw this on the ArcGIS Explorer Blog. Its the 2003 Fires Compared with this years fires in California.

Earth as Art

Hey ... I just added this cool Earth as Art gadget. You can add it to your
google page or add to a website. No further description is necessary !

Appalachian Lab on Wikimapia

I just added the Appalachian Laboratory (where I work) to a cool service called WikiMapia. It is best described as a mashup of wikipedia and google maps. It looks just like google maps but it allows anyone to add a location to the map by drawing a square on the map and then marking up what the area represents.

Mapserver 5.0.0

Here is news of the Mapserver-5 release found at Mapserver-5.0.0 released

I looked at a beta of this because I had some problems using underscore characters in the text field of a shapefile. That problem appeared to be fixed using the 5.0 beta. See the bug fix ticket.

I don't know if I will upgrade right away because while testing this, some of my code stopped working and I don't currently have the time to fix all of that right now.

ArcGIS Silent Uninstall

Here is a note for future reference to the next major ArcGIS release. I won't need this until I have to uninstall 9.2 to install the next latest and greatest but I thought these notes on a silent uninstall would come in handy when that time comes.

When is a map not a map ?

A general rule of thumb about maps that I've always tried to adhere to is that a map should always have a North Arrow and a Scale Bar. The ESRI Mapping Center blog has a good point to make about small scale maps (continent-sized or so +/-) being unable to accurately show north in a single direction. The graticule is a better way to depict these types of maps.

Read The Article from

ArcGIS Explorer - First Impressions

Ok ... so as of June 1st, 2007 ESRI has released ArcGIS Explorer to the public (see the news release). You can download it from ESRI if you have a free ESRI Global Account. So far I'm not very impressed ... mostly because it is very very slooooooooow to respond. This is probably because I'm running off of the ESRI server as my "Home Server". I look for this to improve and hopefully that will pan out. Even though ESRI says that it isn't what they are trying to do with this product ... it sure does look a lot like Google Earth.

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