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I attended the 7th Annual SW Pennsylvania Geo-Spatial Conference at California University Pennsylvania on Friday 8/25/2006. One session was devoted to PASDA which is a data warehouse for Pennsylvania that I'm familiar with. They have fast servers and are storing a lot of data (10's of TerraBytes) and their IMS tools for downloading are very cool. It sounds like they've spent a lot of effort improving navigation on the site through a wizard interface. I did a command line FTP to the site today to download all the 2004 NAIP imagery for the entire state. I didn't clock the download but It was seemingly very fast. I was very impressed with the described improvements to their site.

visit PASDA ...

Appalachian Lab Open House

Appalachian Lab Open House

iGIS Workshop

iGIS (cohort II) workshop at the Lab.

Batch Project Just Doesn't Work

According to the Technical Article ESRI fixed this awhile ago.
Technical Article

But it just isn't true! I've got scads of layers in an Albers Projection that I want to project to Geographic Coordinates (NAD 27) to match some existing Data that I'm using in MyWorld (GIS) The image esri_batch_project.jpg shows that the Transformation is not available. The other image (my_batch_project) is my temporary workaround for projecting multiple layers in ArcGIS 9.1. This used to be easy with Coverages and prj files !!!

a hard lesson to learn

This is a lesson I thought I had learned ! I was in a bit of a rush to burn some CD's and get data onto 20 laptops for a GIS teaching workshop. The CD included an installer that uses "Install Anywhere" to install the program "My World GIS 4.0", and some of our data. I had tested the CD by installing it on a computer in our computer lab but the software was already installed on the travelling lab (on the laptops) so I didn't want or need to install it again. This system allows us to package our data with the My World application by having a zip file named "" in the same filespace as the installer.

But then some of the data changed and I didn't update the zip file at first. I started copying the data onto the laptops and I opened some of the projects to test them out. I realized I had the old version of the data so I had to create a new zip file (and heres where I messed up).

IE7 and ArcGIS not compatible

I installed IE7 Beta the other night because I was anxious to see how some of my web pages looked. The CSS in my pages doesn't work quite as I'd like but that is in no way the worst of it.

I was planning to do some light geoprocessing this morning (I had a couple of shapefiles to merge together). I started ArcMap and went to the merge tool and clicked on it. As the hourglass started pouring sand, I thought "hmmm this is taking longer than it should" and then ArcMap crashed. So I tried a bunch of other tools, same problem. I had installed an extension the other day so I unregistered it thinking that was the problem. I even uninstalled and re-installed the desktop product before I finally gave up.

Then tonight, I found this ESRI Technical Article on the subject.

WV 3-meter DEMs

As a result of the statewide addressing and mapping board (SAMB) project ... 1/9 arc second NED data ! Its Incredible. Proof that WV is a leader when it comes to GIS.

WV 3-meter DEMs

I made a 3-D flythrough video

This video is kind of big ~62MB
For Big Displays
For Smaller Displays

You may find it easier to Download the Video

W. MD ESRI Users Group Meeting

Western Maryland ESRI Users Group Meeting

Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

This sounds like a good idea. It may foster more Open Source GIS software because of the organization and legal support offered by a foundation. It sounds like there may be opportunities to offer spatial data as an open source resource as well.

OSGEO Article from

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