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I've been thinking about doing this for some time now. I finally broke down and paid for some server space through I don't have much content there yet but I've set up two domains. The first will be my personal website The second is This should be fun. Its a linux host so I plan to try my hand with some Perl and CGI programming. I've been playing around with Perl for a few months now (perhaps almost 1 year ?).

Seth, Charlotte & Sarah

J.B.'s brother Seth and his wife Charlotte and our baby neice Sarah are coming to visit

Barton Alumni Dinner

Donna's Alma Mater

The Tree

We had a tree that was leaning towards the shed in our yard. We were waiting to get some help to pull a rope around it so we could ensure that it didn't fall towards the shed when we cut it down with the new chain saw that we just bought a couple of weeks ago. The tree didn't wait. On a sunny calm day (Monday 4/24) it fell on the shed. We should have taken some pictures but didn't really think about it until we were half-way through cutting it up into peices. FUN FUN FUN !

The shed isn't terribly messed up. The fascia around the edge of the roof is a little bent and the shingles at one spot look a little ruffled but the plywood and the studs are all intact so I guess it'll be ok.

Uncle Ed dies at 81

My Uncle passed away recently 3/21/06. I always enjoyed going to his house in Richmond for Thanksgiving (something we used to do quite regularly). My cousin Betsy's husband (Herbie) wrote the obituary and it touches on Ed's true essence (see attached). My prayers are with his immediate family.

More on Andrea and the Gift of Life

These 2 pieces appeared in the Cumberland Times-News today 3/15/06. The first is a letter to the Editor written by the Gattens family and the 2nd was in the "Opinion" section in response. The Obituary was posted here at my blog site awhile back.

Family member passes away at 25 years old

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Our beloved niece Andrea Gattens passed away on Thursday 12/22/2005. She died of a brain aneurysm. She was only 25 years old. She was quite literally in the prime of her life, with a nice boyfriend (Dave) and having recently landed a job selling advertising for a magazine. Read the entire obituary from the attached pdf file courtesy of the Cumberland Times News.

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