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Appalachian Lab on Wikimapia

I just added the Appalachian Laboratory (where I work) to a cool service called WikiMapia. It is best described as a mashup of wikipedia and google maps. It looks just like google maps but it allows anyone to add a location to the map by drawing a square on the map and then marking up what the area represents.

ArcGIS and Vista

Lots of Windows users are looking forward to using Windows Vista (and some are already using it). Someday ArcGIS will be supported on Windows Vista ... but for now its not ! This ESRI Technical Paper explains more.

Single Use License (ArcView) and License Server (ArcInfo) on one computer

I recently discovered that it is possible to have a Single-Use License for ArcView 9.2 installed on a computer with a Concurrent-Use installation of ArcInfo 9.2. This allows users with a laptop to use the ArcView level of the ArcGIS software at home without the hassle of connecting to a license server through a VPN. Start with a complete installation of ArcGIS 9.2 and then proceed with these instructions.

1. At Run Prompt, type "regedit".
3. Right-click inside the window on the right and go to New -- String Value.
4. Name the new Key "SingleUse_Installed" and make the value "Viewer". Close Registry Editor.
5. Open Desktop Administrator from Start -- All Programs -- ArcGIS -- Desktop Administrator

SQL Tutorial

A gentle introduction to SQL. I saw this on Digg. Its a very simple tutorial on using SQL (at least everything I've done so far in the "tutorial" section is pretty simple). You actually run real queries yourself using your browser and an online database.

Follow this Link ...

Linux Command Line Tips

A nice collection of Linux Command Line Tips I believe that many of these translate into valid Unix commands as well. There are some advanced expressions here using regex and sed. I saw this on Digg recently.

Appalachian Lab Open House

Appalachian Lab Open House

Drupal Site Debut

I'm proud to announce the debut of ...
For All Intents & Purposes II

It still needs a bit of configuration work but I got through the installation (which I thought was going to be the hard part). I may go through setting up a subdomain and I'll have to learn how to manage multiple sites but this is pretty exciting for me and I can't wait to get it started. I'm not sure what will happen here with this site. Do I want to keep it going or try to transition into the new site ?!!?

Funny Error Messages

I dugg this one. Funny Errors from Windows Update, Nero, Remedy, Papa Johns Website, and Strange London Train System signs.

Funny Error Messages

Opening a Command Prompt from Explorer

This article explains how to Open a Command Prompt from Explorer. The article is from It looks like there might be some other cool stuff from this site too. It'll wind up on my

Cool Computer Poem

Leo Laporte recited a short snippet of this poem during the Security Now podcast the other day. Its called “A Grandchild's Guide to Using Grandpa's Computer”. Its written by a guy named Gene Ziegler and apparently its been stolen and used on various websites and has also been e-mailed around over and over again and is typically credited to “anonymous”. The official link to the poem is here ...

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