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Open Source Geospatial Foundation (OSGeo)

This sounds like a good idea. It may foster more Open Source GIS software because of the organization and legal support offered by a foundation. It sounds like there may be opportunities to offer spatial data as an open source resource as well.

OSGEO Article from

More on CSS (templates)

Eric showed me the Open Source Web Design site for free CSS layouts. The book I'm reading mentions the following sites:
Some basic designs ...
Mostly info ...
position is everything
These next two give you tools to make your own css layoutomatic ... actually the link in the book didn't work but I found this one on the main site
I'll be checking these out further. I especia

Good article on Regular Expressions

I've been trying to learn Perl by writing my own script to convert all my old HTML to XHTML. I came across this nice article that summarizes how to use regex very nicely !

Regex Article by Chris Spruck.

Choosing a Color

Choosing a Color

The book I'm currently reading ... "Integrated HTML and CSS" by Virginia DeBolt recommends these sources for choosing colors.

This one is pretty good. It has lots of choices.
Web Whirlers

Information and some text color samples.
Developer Zone

Good information here ...

It looks like we are selling software here but there is a useful looking web tool too.
Color Schemer Online

The one I really really like (thanks to Eric for pointing this out to me) hasn't been up lately but hopefully will be again soon. By artist, Chris Aldredge ...
Steel Dolphin Color Selector

My Home Page gets a counter

I put a counter on my Home Page. But its not just any counter ... its a map of where people are from when they visit. I got it from
My page is in dire need of a facelift. I've bought a book on CSS and XHTML so as I read through it, hopefully I can make some improvements.

PBWiki makes your content sticky

PBwiki logo
I just have to tell you about my wiki ! I use it to tell my friends whats going on with me and they can let me know what they are up to. My wife uses it a lot to communicate with me. My friend James has been known to keep in touch with me that way too.

If you are interested you can Get your own free wiki at

Check out the PBwiki tour!

My Wiki is wikiwakiwoo

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