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Hurricane Irene’s Birth, Death Seen From Space

A little late but thought this was cool
Seen at Very Spatial via Wired.

ESRI Support is gone. Cached info. from Google is now the only hope.

Yes we all have growing pains when there is a site redesign but for years now I've been finding everything I need by going to Google and doing a search and adding site:esri.com at the end of the search string. This searches for info only within esri.com. Google's search engine is so good that I find it far better than searching ESRI's website for information. Well it appears that they pulled the plug on that and you know have to log in through your ESRI Global account to access information. The worst part is that even if you are logged in, the links from Google take you to the front page (http://support.esri.com/en). Thanks for ruining access to your website ESRI. Way to go ! NOT.

Atlantis is still lost

Some folks thought they might have found the lost city of Atlantis using Google Ocean. However this article indicates that it just isn't so.

Hopes dashed as Google Ocean image of “lost city of Atlantis” proves to be nothing of the sort

Mapserver 5.0.0

Here is news of the Mapserver-5 release found at nabble.com Mapserver-5.0.0 released

I looked at a beta of this because I had some problems using underscore characters in the text field of a shapefile. That problem appeared to be fixed using the 5.0 beta. See the bug fix ticket.

I don't know if I will upgrade right away because while testing this, some of my code stopped working and I don't currently have the time to fix all of that right now.

Learning MapServer (UMN's Map Server cgi program)

I've been wanting to try the UMN's MapServer product. All the information about this great product is on the UMN MapServer website. Earlier this week I downloaded an installer for MapServer for Windows and installed it on my work computer. The installer is called ms4w and it installed everything I needed to get started with no problem including Apache, MapServer, GDAL, OGR. I downloaded the MapServer Demo application to look at.

Its been fun to work with and I hope to get something cool going eventually. For now my test application can be viewed at the very short list of


I attended the 7th Annual SW Pennsylvania Geo-Spatial Conference at California University Pennsylvania on Friday 8/25/2006. One session was devoted to PASDA which is a data warehouse for Pennsylvania that I'm familiar with. They have fast servers and are storing a lot of data (10's of TerraBytes) and their IMS tools for downloading are very cool. It sounds like they've spent a lot of effort improving navigation on the site through a wizard interface. I did a command line FTP to the site today to download all the 2004 NAIP imagery for the entire state. I didn't clock the download but It was seemingly very fast. I was very impressed with the described improvements to their site.

visit PASDA ... http://www.pasda.psu.edu/

SQL Tutorial

A gentle introduction to SQL. I saw this on Digg. Its a very simple tutorial on using SQL (at least everything I've done so far in the "tutorial" section is pretty simple). You actually run real queries yourself using your browser and an online database.

Follow this Link ... sqlzoo.net

Digg Generator (Put a live Digg Link on your website)

Odd that I'm posting this. I've never even posted a single story on Digg (though I've thought about it). This service is pretty cool because it actually allows the user to digg the story without ever leaving the site where the story is hosted.

The Story
The Digg Link
Digg Generator

Drupal Site Debut

I'm proud to announce the debut of ...
For All Intents & Purposes II

It still needs a bit of configuration work but I got through the installation (which I thought was going to be the hard part). I may go through setting up a subdomain blog.jbchurchill.com and I'll have to learn how to manage multiple sites but this is pretty exciting for me and I can't wait to get it started. I'm not sure what will happen here with this site. Do I want to keep it going or try to transition into the new site ?!!?

Browser Support Chart

I found this chart on the Yahoo Developer Network. It shows the level of support (the acrobatics developers go through +/- or not) for various common browsers. The Graded Browser Support link is worth reading before looking at the chart.

Browser Support Chart

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