Unable to Merge Rasters programmatically with ArcGIS 10

Ok to add to my disdain over the way the spatial analyst toolbar was stripped down ... I know cannot figure out how to do a simple merge (rasters) with spatial analyst and the Raster Calculator command (in the Map Algebra Toolbox). This is something I do all the time when using 9.3. I am re-writing a script and gave up on this so now I'm trying their recommended way of doing this. This recommendation is the "improved" (their words not mine) "Mosaic to New Raster" tool.

Now I'm getting a new error (000157: Input and target dataset should have the same number of bands). My problem with this error is that the input and target datasets do have the same number of bands. To explain this problem, I found this.


Look at that link and look at NIM078972 or I'll just explain that the tool gives this error incorrectly. So my only way to merge rasters programmatically is to wait until October, 2012 when SP1 for 10.1 comes out.